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Take a Quantum Leap in Your Spiritual Coaching Career 

Advance Your Metaphysical Skills - Learn Timeless Wisdom - Deliver Better Healing Sessions

Course runs on February and April 2024

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Calling all Spiritual Healers, Coaches and Wellness Practitioners!

Looking for a serious set of metaphysical coaching tools to improve your sessions and be an industry leader in spiritual counselling and facilitation?  Do you want to align with universal law and the core principles of evolution? This Masterclass is for YOU!
Debbie will teach you the exact spiritual methodology she uses in her healing and coaching sessions.

Your Powerful Tool Box is Here

In this spiritual coaching and counselling course, you will learn how to support your healing work through powerful coaching practices, spiritual philosophies and tools that Debbie Pask has developed over 20 years in the field. Based on shamanic principles, eastern psychology and quantum field universal law, these evolutionary and powerful coaching tools will up-level your client sessions and provide a platform to advance your skills as a facilitator of healing. 

7 keys of transformation-spiritual coaching

'East meets West' Practical Tools Uniquely Designed by Debbie Pask

Debbie shares her superior tools, drawn from her years of experience in leveraging eco-wellness practices, philosophy principles, indigenous wisdom, quantum scientific methods, eastern psychological research and mindfulness techniques used in a live environment for over 20 years, to develop a truly breakthrough learning program.

Debbie also draws on her University degree training in Philosophy (Macquarie University) so these tools are a serious addition to your toolbox and are not part of other mainstream education and teachings.

Expect to feel energy medicine-mobile

Struggling to Find the Right Training for  You?

Becoming successful in the Energy Healing sector can be tricky and many courses are not structured in a way that gives you step-by-step tools, processes and powerful practice sessions.

Plus there are a lot of new age approaches out there that can be confusing and not grounded in tried and tested session work by experts in the field. This can impact effectiveness and safety for both client and practitioner.  

We take the confusion and the ad hoc approach OUT of the picture and deliver results. Just listen to what our past students say... >

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Get to know the program creator, Debbie Pask, Transformation and Spiritual Performance Coach

"After years of coaching and developing strong and trusted tools and skills in a live environment, I have been asked to start TEACHING these tools on a more formal basis.

I created this Spiritual Coaching Class that distills all of the BEST-OF-THE-BEST quantum principles into accessible tools.  People say I’m a mix of spiritual mentor, coach, consultant and intuitive guide. What I’m most interested in is helping conscious business people to stay energised, confident and on purpose so they can transform shadow into light. My core passion is to help other spiritual leaders to unlock their X Factor and evolve their spiritual skills to succeed in business.


Join Debbie Pask for this Spiritual Coaching Class

Take a Quantum Leap in Your Spiritual Career

Course kicks off on a Saturday for one-day immersion followed by 5 weekly Tuesday Zoom sessions with exclusive online chat group support. Classes are in Sydney NSW timezone.

Full course rate is $1,495 or avail the 3-easy monthly payments of $500



Timezone: Sydney Australia, AEST Time

1-Day Immersion

3rd February
8am - 3pm

Weekly Zoom Classes every Tuesdays: 6pm - 8pm

13 Feb
20 Feb
27 Feb
5 March
12 March


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Timezone: Sydney Australia, AEST Time

1-Day Immersion

6th April
8am - 3pm

Weekly Zoom Classes every Tuesdays: 6pm - 8pm

16 Apr
23 Apr
30 Apr
7 May
14 May


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Outcomes and Benefits: What happens when you employ these tools?

Transform your career and take your Spiritual Coaching abilities to the next level

❊ You will run transformational and meaningful sessions with your clients.

❊ You will easily identify the cause of your client challenges and be able to implement solutions immediately.

❊ You will access practical tools and meditations to increase your confidence and inner peace as a healer.

You will access your higher (Spirit) mind and start working more intuitively to support change and success. 

❊ You will access a set of immediate cutting-edge tools to support your current sessions.

❊ You will learn concepts that will evolve your own abilities of healing - an upgrade of your own consciousness.

Client Reviews for Spiritual Coaching Masterclass

Meet Jono of @franzefitness-a Personal Trainer who recently completed the Spiritual Coaching Masterclass


“The Masterclass Program was FANTASTIC ,
I learned so much, not only about the tools but also about myself & how to implement simple changes in my life. Everyone in the group was very different, each of us with our own amazing life experience and knowledge & I learned a lot from hearing how the others in our group used the tools on themselves & to help others.
I can only give Debbie & her Masterclass my very best recommendations. Debbie has an amazingly positive energy & knowledge that she happily shares that with everyone.”

Director and Country Manager


“...I am excited for my future as a Life Coach. The course content is brilliant. The way in which Debbie presents it, makes it so easy to follow and the tools supplied make it so easy to implement. I found I put into practice what I learnt, almost immediately. The content is delivered a very usable way. The group webinars were a real treat. We all came such different backgrounds, that there was so much to learn from each other. What I loved most is that it's a mixture of western world and eastern philosophies. The course has given me the opportunity to appreciate my life experiences and value what my life has taught me. Debbie and the course has given me the biggest gift of allowing me to align my career with my purpose and passion, I couldn't have asked for more. I can't wait for the Masterclass Part 2.”

Creatives Service Manager & Personal Coach

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