Shamanic Meditation
Teacher Training

Deliver World Class and Powerful Healing Journeys to Individuals or Groups
To Up-Level Your Spiritual Business

6 Weeks LIVE Zoom Training


USD $ 995  


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Create, Script and Deliver
Your Own Shamanic Journeys 

Calling all spiritual teachers, coaches, healers and group facilitators

Learn the ancient art of shamanic journeying to empower your client sessions

and up-level your healing abilities.


Debbie Pask has delivered over 3,000 LIVE meditation journeys and will teach you the Art of Shamanic Journeying 
to create 
Transformation + Growth

"...Hey I am Debbie Pask, and have mastered the art of delivering powerful healing journeys and now i want to teach you how to do the same.

In the Meditation Teachers Training class, you will learn how to Create, Script and Deliver your own unique Meditation Journeys using a shamanic technique known to create deep transformation..."

Debbie Pask-shamanic healing

Shamanic Meditation

In this 6-week Masterclass you will be able to:

Create your own shamanic meditations for healing (live and recorded) – commercial grade

Embed healing seeds into your meditations for deeper insights - Know the 7 Core Techniques to easily and powerfully deliver the journey with confidence.

Design and deliver your first professionally recorded journey with feedback from Debbie and your group of classmates

Grow the confidence and talents needed to include shamanic journeying into your practice learning from a world class teacher with a 20 year long track record in meditation delivery.

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Not all Meditations
are the same!

Stand apart from the usual crowd with these unique meditation delivery skills that are rarely taught this way.




Shamanic Meditation mindfulness

Meditating -Shamanic Meditation Training

What can I expect from Shamanic Meditation 

 6 Powerful 2-hr LIVE Zoom Sessions

 Pre-Training Video on the Fundamentals of Shamanic Journeying and how to build one.

 4 Shamanic Journeys designed and recorded by Debbie for you to unlock your confidence and voice and to heal any challenges you might have.

 24/7 Whatsapp group to ask questions and get mentored personally by Debbie

 Delivery of your own bespoke and fully Polished recorded Shamanic Journey  (You will craft this over the 6 weeks and move past any delivery jitters along the way.)

#1 Bonus

Free Music Tracks Valued at $8,790*

Get Your Free Set of 7 Chakra Tracks for
Your Meditation journeys

Let Debbie teach you how to add these incredible shamanic journeys into your practice and open up new ways of working with clients- whether it be 1-2-1 healing sessions or facilitating groups. 

Access Debbie’s personalised library of extended chakra music tracks to use royalty free designed at 432 hz. Each Chakra track is a 22-25 minute musical masterpiece and are a perfect backing track for you to record your meditation journeys to without the worry of copyright infringement.

Designed by a sound engineer and a music therapist with a spiritual slant, these backing tracks are a unique addition to your journeys. The music tracks were created several years ago and cost just under $10,000 to professionally record and create, so this isn't a made up fee. Please note that they are not in commercial circulation except with Debbie's work. 

# 2 Bonus 

4 Guided Confidence Building Journeys 

Do You Need More Confidence in
Leading Meditation?

Many people say they feel inexperienced or nervous about delivering guided meditations.

Here’s what stops most people from becoming a meditation teacher or group facilitator:

  1. Feel stuck in their voice/throat chakra which keeps them playing small
  2. Don’t feel they can pace or deliver a powerful meditation journey
  3. Feel they will stumble on words and mess it up
  4. Unsure about what it takes to deliver powerful journeys
  5. Little or no experience and don't know to improve their scripts.

Let me give you a hand with all of those points above.

I will provide a platform for you that gives you plenty of practice, guidance and a deeper understanding of what you are delivering. That means you are not trying to read off a clumsy script or copy someone else’s work. You can do this. And my 4 guided confidence journeys will help clear away blocks. 


By the end of this course, you will have recorded your OWN COMMERCIAL RECORDED JOURNEY that you can sell online.

Join the July class Avail the Payment Plan of $200 weekly Pay your Reservation of $200


July 2024

Timezone: Los Angeles

Evening Class: 5 pm - 7 pm 


Weekly Online Zoom Classes every Tuesday for 6 Weeks
5 pm - 7 pm

23 July

30 July

6 Aug

13 Aug

20 Aug

27 Aug

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July 2024

Timezone: sydney, Australia

 Morning Class: 10 am - 12 Noon


Weekly Online Zoom Classes every Wednesdays for 6 Weeks

10 am - 12 pm

24 July

31 July

7 Aug

14 Aug

21 Aug

28 Aug

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July 2024

Timezone: Sydney, Australia


Evening Class: 6 pm - 8 pm 


Weekly Online Zoom Classes every Wednesdays for 6 Weeks

6 pm - 8 pm

24 July

31 July

7 Aug

14 Aug

21 Aug

28 Aug

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Oct 2024

Timezone: Los Angeles

Evening Class: 5 pm - 7 pm 


Weekly Online Zoom Classes every Tuesday for 6 Weeks
4 pm - 6 pm

22 Oct

29 Oct

5 Nov

12 Nov

19 Nov

26 Nov

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Oct 2024

Timezone: sydney, Australia

 Morning Class: 10 am - 12 Noon


Weekly Online Zoom Classes every Wednesdays for 6 Weeks

10 am - 12 pm

23 Oct

30 Oct

6 Nov

13 Nov

20 Nov

27 Nov

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spiritual Meditation journey

Pre-Course Video Training

1. Learn the Different types of meditations and journeys you can do.

2. Experience the Three (3) Worlds you can travel in shamanic journeys.

3. Why shamanic journeys are powerful and how to integrate them in your work or practice?

4. How to develop your own style and set up the journeys in your practice for best results.

5. The basic universal laws around structuring and delivering journeys.

6. Setting up Sacred Space 

Lessons: Live on Zoom

1. Fundamentals; How to set up, pace and structure your shamanic journey

2. Crafting; how to (step-by-step) design and deliver a shamanic journey by travelling to 3 different worlds

3. Learn and apply the 7 Core techniques and resources to shamanic meditation mastery

4. Choose your Topic + Theme + Delivery method ready to journey

5. Record your 1st Shamanic journey Draft ready for Feedback with Debbie

6. Tweak and fine-tune your journey – and polish for the final cut

7. Wrap Up: Where to from here and a final journey together hosted by Debbie

Shamanic Meditation healing
  • Rezinate

    “The Shamanic Meditation Teacher course was so much more than I imagined. I have run meditation circles before, and raised my children with impromptu guided meditations they loved, but this course was POWERFUL in creating deeper layers of structure, meaning-making and symbolism which allow me to build my guided meditations sessions either one-on-one or for group work, and most obviously with professional level recordings.
    As with all the Rezinate courses, there is a parallel journey as the student, in my own inner world throughout the course, and I feel grateful and shifted deeply by the experience with my fellow students.
    Debbie is a masterful and inclusive teacher, I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to take their practice to the next level.”

  • Rezinate

    “This course was a great mix of fundamentals and practice. Debbie set the course up so seamlessly that it was easy to create your journey in stages using her methodology. The journey you create using this method is bound to invoke thought and feelings in your client. Giving them ah ha moments as well as moments of peace and tranquillity.

    It was wonderful to also work along side other creatives and watch their masterpieces come alive. At the end you not only have a professionally sounding recorded journey, you are also provided with feedback to consider from all the students and Debbie.

    Thank you Debbie for yet again another beautiful learning experience.”

  • Rezinate

    “I think you did a brilliant job at at making it seem kind of easy. You know, like you just all those components were just put together and delivered so clearly that we just did what you told us to do.
    We just followed your guidance, and the results are amazing.
    It's just incredible! Thanks, Debbie.”

  • Rezinate

    “This has really given me a lot of inspiration and confidence and I can keep building on that to move into different things that I want to do out there with the work and can't thank you enough. It's been great and it's been great with everybody and getting to know everybody and, and also too, I just wanna say with everybody's journeys just listening to everyone's and being immersed in everyone's and doing the meditation.”

  • Rezinate

    “It's been really you made it feel really effortless and easy and I just have that confidence in me, which I takes a while for me to get to this place. So, it's really lovely to be here so quickly. And yeah, I just really loved it and would love to do a Level Two with you!”

Symbols in Line Rezinate

Are you an agent of change looking
for a unique skillset?

Join me, Debbie Pask, to learn the art of shamanic journeying and be supported by an industry expert as you evolve and grow your facilitation skills. This is meditation super-charged.

Don’t expect the USUAL meditation class. Do expect to up-level your abilities with a touch of magic that always occurs in every shamanic journey. Ready to join me?

I'm Ready to Join
Debbie Pask-shamanic journey

Debbie Pask: Your Course Practitioner

Debbie bridges the world of spirituality with the everyday commercial working life

You will touch on the magic of journey work but backed up with the frameworks of strategic meditation delivery so that you are learning new skills with materials on hand, structure and mentoring - alongside tapping into your own spiritual and intuitive skills. A great mix of teaching that will ensure you learn properly and evolve at the same time.

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