Moving Past Your Relationship Breakup 

Turn heartbreak into healing with our step-by-step guide

Cut the energetic ties to your ex, bounce back without the baggage and claim your inner peace 

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Calling all broken-hearted people wanting to move past a messy or traumatic breakup and find your power, peace and connection again.

Learn how to effectively cut the energetic ties to your ex and heal after a messy breakup. 

After this transformational training, you will feel...

❊ Clean and clear from that old attachment to him/her.

❊ Inspired to set a new path and make peace with the past.

❊ Empowered with the new information and perspective you have on LOVE.

❊ Ready to embrace loving relationships again without the drama or repeating old patterns.

Feeling lighter and free of the energy drain


Breaking up sucks

It’s one of the biggest heart killers (literally a broken heart is a well-known illness that can strike a person to their knees). Whether your breakup is a long-time relationship coming to its end and it’s super sad, or you might have been in a tormenting and narcissistic love affair where you still feel depleted, angry and trapped to the energy of this person. For your own sanity, you need to let this past lover loose.

Clients tell me this...

They tell me they feel stuck, cannot move forward, shut off and disconnected or are still harbouring resentment months or years later. They say it is hard to meet new people as this residual torment lingers. This can take a toll mentally, physically and spiritually.

But there is an easy and effective way out and I have helped hundreds of women through this process. Let me show you how.

To truly move on from a heartache 

Here’s what you do:

The course teacher:  Why did I create this?

Debbie Pask-Rezinate-course-facilitator


My name is Debbie Pask, and for years I have helped clients recover and heal from negative cording to their ex-partners. Learn how you can move on from a toxic relationship and be on your way to feeling better about yourself and your life. 

For the past 20 years, I've done over 12,000 Personal coaching and Healing sessions with people of different backgrounds facing breakups. These individuals include stressed out corporate executives going through nasty separation, women coming out of traumatic or abusive relationships or simply just everyday people ending long term partnerships and facing deep sadness. Over the years, I found recurring issues which stop people from moving on from their ex and finding new love.
This 2-Part online course aims to address these challenges and help you move past this time.

Experience Fast Tracked Healing for all 3 Core Relationship Challenges

A. You have broken up from a long term relationship and are still struggling with deep sadness, negative energy, or letting go (could be a recent or past breakup).
B. You are currently in a toxic, volatile or narcissistic relationship that you know isn't serving you and you need to find the right head-space to walk away
C. You just experienced a wickedly nasty toxic love affair that has left a scar and a nasty emotional aftertaste that you cannot shake.  

WHY this 2-Step Approach Works

This proven plan for overcoming the painful end of any romantic relationship falls into 2 parts:

PART 1 - HEAD-SPACE - flip your torment into the greatest personal evolution with deep reflection and powerful lessons learned.

PART 2 - HEART SPACE - clean up your energetic baggage, cut the cords and vows and learn the rituals you need for killing your karmic patterns. 

What You Will Receive With This Life Changing Training 

1. The essential Rezinate 8-step process for working through your relationship breakup patterns.

2. Powerful video and audio files to teach you the tools and give you the rituals and practices to heal your heart.

3. Meditation tracks to let go of cords, vows and energy connections to your ex. Revocations are powerful.  

4. Written instructions on how you can do your own private release ceremony.

5. Healing techniques to repair and keep you strong and wise in love.


What happens if you don't deal with your ex?

If you don’t deal with the energy cords and energy weapons from your ex (whether from them to you or vice versa), then you might always stay attached in some way, draining you of energy to move forward and therefore limiting your next relationship. Additionally, you might also be experiencing soul fragmentation where part of your energy field is left behind with them (your ex) leaving an auric gap or tear within yourself that will keep attracting the same patterns.

It's time to move past this and feel better once and for all.  

Symbols in Line Rezinate 

Join Debbie Pask in this moving on journey

Learn a proven and VERY EFFECTIVE HEAD and HEART approach on
how to deal with your mindset, ties and cut cords after a messy breakup with EASE and GRACE


"...I’ve helped so many clients move on from toxic relationships and super-awful breakups using this method. I am always improving my techniques based on new research, client results, and guide feedback.  This means when you access my guide, you’re getting the latest and greatest teaching of my step-by-step method to help you move on from your ex and start the healing process...

Plus, my training guide is as short as it is effective

You won’t find 30 hours of videos or 300 pages. No time-consuming steps.

You’ll finish my course content in five hours or less.

The course steps are easy to understand. Simple to follow. Quick to finish..."

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Why most breakup advice fails to help

To move on from your breakup, you MUST eliminate your mindset barriers AND deal with your negative emotional energy.

The keys to unlocking breakup recovery are mindset (Head) and emotional energy (Heart). Most breakup advice and training ignores one or both of these integral healing keys.

For example, “talk it out”.

Sure, talking it out feels good for a while…
But it solidifies your mindset barriers and feeds your negative emotional energy.

Result? You remain in breakup hell.

Or take the relationship advice, “Avoid contact with your ex”.

Great advice, actually. While this may prevent your negative emotional energy from getting worse, it certainly doesn't fix it. It also does nothing to restore your emotional energy to positive and or to break down your mindset barriers.

Result? You stay in breakup hell.

Another thing you might hear when your relationship ends is, “Be glad you learned who he/she really is”. But your healing and recovery is dependent on YOUR mindset and emotional energy... not on your ex. 

That is why I have developed a step-by-step training method and online guide for helping clients learn how to deal with a breakup and move on from past relationships. 

Result? The ability for you to move on from the messiest of break-ups with calm and confidence - even if you're mad as hell right now.

What Others Say About How This Training has
Changed Their Lives


“I cannot believe how my pain suddenly dissipated from my back shoulder after the cords to my ex husband were severed”


“My ex used to break into the house and threaten me until I did the release ritual and did the reflection questions as to why this pattern was repeating”


“I kept attracting the same nasty relationships until i did the reflection processes and realised i was repeating my parents negative shit. Now i am free from that karmic stuff”


“The fire burn ceremony was the game changer for me. It was like the grief and anger dissolved overnight and now i am with the right person who respects and cares for me”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to do the course?

On average, if you follow all of the steps, around 4- 6 hours in total. You can repeat the steps as often as you like for greater impact. 

How quickly will I see results?

You will feel calmer and more in charge of your feelings with every step (8 steps in total). As we are all different, we run at our own pace. However, most people say they feel an instant relief knowing WHY they had to go through this hard time.

How long do I get access for?

Unlimited. You can come back to this course anytime to boost your metaphysical health.

What happens after I click and buy?

You will receive a login email to access the course straight away. Then you simply need an internet connect and device to watch the content as you need. All 8 steps are delivered immediately. You can also ask any questions about the course material to program creator, Debbie Pask.

Moving Past Your Relationship Breakup 

Turn heartbreak into healing with our step-by-step guide

Cut the energetic ties to your ex, bounce back without the baggage and claim your inner peace 

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