Space Clearing Session

for Positive Energy in Your Living or Workspace

Remove any funky energy with a healing session and improve the energy frequency and vibe in your private space.

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✦ Long distance Session via Surrogate ($195)


Can you feel a heavy energy or an unsettling vibe around you? Are you in need of fresh new energies and ideas for a room, work area or an office space?A home or office energy clearing will set up the right intentions. Most people don’t realise that energy is always present in their homes, other buildings, and even outdoor environments, for example, their office, their favourite restaurant, or a particular street. They may have a ‘feeling’ about the space or intuitively know that bad things happened there. However, they may not know where that feeling comes from, or how to go about clearing spaces that are affected to improve their overall well-being.

Energy can be positive or negative, depending on the prevailing mood at the time. 

Positive energy in your home could be the result of a happy family who lived there a year ago. The feelings of love and joy are obvious and there was a lot of laughter. In this instance, an energy healing session is not necessarily needed.

Negative energy could result from a work environment fraught with stress, anxiety, and anger. In this instance, you definitely want to book a space clearing session to cleanse the energy, lighten the environment, and allow you to leave your mark in the space.

There is another type of negative energy, which a coach like James will easily detect. It emanates from a rescue spirit, which is a spirit who needs to move on but who, for various reasons, is unable to do so. The energy from the spirit is stagnant. It’s emotionally and physically draining, and makes you feel exhausted and dejected without knowing why. James will use his space clearing skills to release the spirit and restore spiritual and physical well-being.

What does Space Clearing involve?

Space clearing enables you to access the energetic boundaries of your private space (land, air etc.). This allows you to work out what residual elements, trauma, third-party energy, or other interference might be disturbing your peace.

Space clearing enables you to work out what areas or elements need harmonising and balancing. After the surrogate session, James will discuss the results of the session and what has been achieved.

For the space clearing to succeed, James might ask you to remove some items still tainted with negative energy, or he might ask you to add items that have naturally positive vibes.

The first step to clearing spaces of negative energy is to understand the possible sources.

For example, the energy can come from whomever is currently in that space, or it can be residual energy from the past occupants. It can even be residual energy from an event decades ago.

You can pin it down with an expert in in space clearing and energy healing. James Pask is a spiritual coach and healer, with decades of experience in all aspects of energy clearing, including spiritual and metaphysical healing. He has a holistic approach to clearing spaces, which includes, among other techniques, holographic kinetics.

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✦ Live via Telehealth Call Session or 
✦ Long distance Session via Surrogate ($195)

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*NOTE: For sessions with surrogate, a surrogate is another practitioner that represents you, your land, your animal, etc. and I conduct the clearing and healing through the surrogate. (Summary notes of the surrogate session will be sent to you afterwards) For more information about James Pask and his experience, click here.

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  • Rezinate

    “James has been called into some well-known magazine and advertising companies in Australia to clear out the past (failure) energy of business that had not succeeded and as a result had gone out of business, recently. The new magazine company was taking over the premises from the previously failed business and asked James to clear our any old stagnant pockets of ‘failure’ so that the move would transition successfully.
    I called James in to do a Space Clearing on a home that I had up for sale (listing) that was not selling (which is unusual in the Sydney market where I am located) He did his ‘thing’ and within 2 weeks it sold. Prior to that people would come to the open home and walk in and walk out for months and months. When James explained to me what was going on energetically with the home and the land, it made complete sense why it wasn’t selling. I was blown away when James picked up that someone had been killed there 15 years ago (which I never told him about as I had only recently been told by the old neighbour at the last open home) and that energy was affecting the sale. Thank you, James! – if needed, I will be calling you, again.”

    Real Estate Agent from Australia

  • Rezinate

    “ had James do a remote space clearing in my home as it just had not felt right for some time. In fact, if I think about it, it hadn’t felt good since we moved here. The family has been disconnected, fighting and my husband and I were at the lowest point ever in our marriage where we even discussed separating. James indicated that there was an energy in the house left by the previous owners that were contributing to our situation (they had moved out because they were getting a divorce)and all their fighting and disharmony had left a ‘break-up’ energy in the house – and it was affecting us. I didn’t really think much of it at first ( not sure how much I believed it to be honest ) but almost instantly after James dis the session, the energy, and mood changed in our house. I couldn’t believe it! It was like we were a different family (back to our old selves). Thank you, James – we are all so grateful! ”


  • Rezinate

    “I was really drawn to having a house clearing with James & Debbie, and the shift in energy is amazing. The house isn’t as dark, feels like there’s more free space, it’s calmer and has a much more peaceful feel about it. What came up in the session was totally relative to what had been playing out here. James also taught me Holographic Kinetics when I first did the training. He’s brilliant at what he does and is a beautiful soul as well. Thank you, James & Debbie. Greatly appreciate your work and your beautiful spirits.”