Death is a momentous event, and grieving the loss of a loved one or individual with whom we have unresolved karma is central to the healing process. Mourning allows us to free the energy bound to the lost person, object, or experience. Grieving is not forgetting but rather an effective way of dealing with death and confronting the past so that we can reinvest in the future.

While various cultures and religions partake in countless mourning ceremonies and grief rituals, western funerals don't always align with our personal beliefs or profound connections to the natural world. These conventional death rituals or funerals often distance us from our authentic feelings and can fall short of genuinely honouring the individual soul or spirit that has recently passed over.

How can we genuinely grieve and celebrate a life that has passed in a private and personal manner that is deeply nourishing to our spirit?

As death is an intrinsic part of the natural world, a shamanic grief ceremony offers a fitting grief ritual to honour the death of a loved one.

We have developed a guided journey inspired by the principles of shamanic healing and death rituals to help you deal with DEATH and GRIEF while honouring the life of your lost loved one, friend or tribe member.

What is involved in a Shamanic Grief Ceremony?


We often forget to truly pause, breathe in the significance of the moment and appreciate the signs that nature provides. Take some sacred silence and time to respect the magnitude of death, life’s significance, and nature’s guidance.


Shamanic rituals as a spiritual practice can help you let go and put some distance between you and any entanglements, shadows and conflicts that may have existed between you and the person you are mourning.

ESSENCE embodiment

With the guidance of shamanic healing, you can reflect on the positive qualities of the person whose death you are mourning and commit to embodying those virtues as a celebration of life.


Partake in powerful shamanic healing practice used to release unwanted energies and attachments from the past and make space for new intentions. A fire ceremony can be used to release unhappy memories, fears, and negative emotions.


Cord-cutting is another shamanic healing practice that helps recover lost energy and re-establish healthy energetic boundaries. Allow the healing spirits to release lingering ties you might be holding on to.


Meditation of completion

*OPTIONAL: Tree-planting ceremony to create life from death.

A shamanic grief ceremony is profoundly healing whether you are struggling to let someone go, experiencing significant loss, or perhaps feeling there is outstanding karma with that individual.

This short and guided shamanic healing process will allow genuine grief to emerge, celebration to take place, and enable you to tidy up loose ends in a way that honours all things living and dead, light and dark, returning to nature. When taking part in a shamanic ritual you can expect deep reflection, ceremony, spiritual guidance and true understanding.

Debbie Pask-rezinate course practitioner

“I work differently to many other coaches and healers in that I integrate the intuitive and psychic work with the logical and material. That means, that your decision-making comes from a much more innovative and soul level; whilst your follow up plans are cemented in this world. Isn't this the way its meant to be?"

- Debbie Pask


“2020 was a year of considerable challenge and also a year of tremendous growth and awakening. I have been lucky enough to be supported by and still am by so many amazing humans. Debbie Pask from Rezinate/Zenful Business has been one of these humans. She has supported me in my business and spiritual journey, for which I am truly grateful.

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