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Can you develop psychic abilities?

Question 2

How do I know if I have psychic abilities?

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What types of psychic abilities exist?

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How to tap into your psychic abilities?

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Reasons to develop your psychic powers

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How to use your psychic abilities?

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What participants are saying...

  • "I love your course I have gotten a lot more understanding and clarity on working with my spiritual talents."



  • "Just finished module 5. This module is important to me.
    …Soon I get rid of the negativity from my home, this module will my top priority."


  • I keep drifting off to Debbie’s meditation and waking up in such a blissful state!! Twice now. Will the message reach me in my subconscious? :)


  • On every level James is assisting me with my growth on a spiritual level. James is one of the most talented, giving, humble, sincere and delightful people you could ever wish to have come into your life to assist you on your path of spiritual growth and happiness.

    Sue C.

  •  Powerful as always.


  • I have found that these activities have clearly been working because I noticed that my dreams and realisations coming up from the subconscious following some of the meditations and brain storming activities is helping put some puzzle pieces together and further release stuck things


  • James’ knowledge of metaphysics and ability to communicate that knowledge in an accessible way is fantastic. James shares his knowledge and skills with generosity and warmth, giving practical examples and ways to incorporate metaphysical principals into everyday life. James is a teacher who really walks his talk with the greatest of integrity.


  • James & Debbie are AMES &  extraordinary healers.

    Healing happens fast when you work with their meta-physical skills.


  • Debbie is a gifted spiritual healer. She has immense passion and insight when delivering workshops and healings. She is warm, giving and loving and has an amazing gift for making the world a better place.

    Jackie N.

  • Two amazing down to earth healers that truly help you release "old baggage" & awaken to your own personal inner strength!... Thank you!


  • James Pask is an amazing individual and a very compassionate healer. His readings are incredibly accurate and very comprehensive...


  • Debbie is an oasis of confidence, empowerment, and love. She not only helped me focus my career goals and feel amazing about them but she helped me realize my full potential and why I had been holding myself back from achieving it.

    Kristing C.

Course Teachers

Debbie and James Pask are specialists in spiritual healing, intuitive development, spiritual teaching, energy healing, and transformation through the development of psychic senses, including Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience.

James Pask has a passion for restoring the relationship between your mind, body, and spiritual consciousness. His natural talent for developing intuition and spiritual gifts in others is obvious to all who enrol in Rezinate’s courses, especially the intuitive courses and spiritual courses. James uses his psychic abilities to supercharge his work and can see and hear the invisible.

Debbie Pask has a business background in Advertising at board level, a degree in Philosophy and over 20 years training in intuitive and energy healing work. She is passionate about using intuitive training to help people unlock their purpose in life and make more intuitive decisions. Following this intuitive insight, she helps with manifesting their business dreams through clear planning and consciousness development.

Together they have over 40 years' experience in the fields of intuitive, spiritual, and psychic development, using techniques that include mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting metaphysical health.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between mediumship and psychic abilities?

When you work with mediumship, you are connecting into the spirit world to ancestors that have crossed-over and are now in the spirit realm and no longer in the physical. So, mediumship is all about connecting and having conversations with people that have once lived and that are no longer here in this world. In terms of where those spirits live, there's a lot of theory around that. The one that I believe to be true for me is that when someone dies, their soul body goes into the Akashic records. So, you're communicating with the akashic record of that ancestor spirit. The ancestor that was that person in that lifetime. Psychic abilities, on the other hand, refer to using your original senses or your intuitive senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, any of the extrasensory senses that can pick up on things that are in the invisible world or in the metaphysical world. It could be picking up on the knowing quantum field. Hearing truth when someone talks. Seeing flashes in front of your eyes. Seeing shadows in terms of energy around you. And basically, connecting with the quantum world where you can't see with your senses or hear, but you can metaphysically see and hear with your senses. So psychic abilities is a way to describe how you use your extrasensory senses.

Is mediumship and channelling the same thing?

 No, they are not. Mediumship is connecting with crossed-over loved ones in the spirit world and bringing messages through when you are connecting with the spirit of that grandmother, mother, father, grandfather, etc. Channelling is more around where you're channelling another being’s words. Whether that's a crossed-over loved one or something else altogether, where you're channelling another energy, entity, personality, spirit energy through your physical vehicle. So that is hearing or downloading something that's being said in the invisible world to your Spirit and bringing it through to the physical world in language. So, they are very different. I don't think that channelling necessarily is always safe - so just a thought on that one - because you don't really know what you're channelling and that could open up all kinds of energies between that invisible energy and yourself, which isn't always the safest.

How do I know if someone is psychically projecting at me?

When someone psychically projects at you, it means that they're thinking about you in a way, and it's usually negative, but it could be negative or positive, but they're thinking about you and therefore, reaching out with their energy and tapping in or hooking into your energy. Everyone has an energy field, and if you are particularly honing in or thinking about or intensely thinking about someone specifically, you can project (wield your emotions) at them. Which means a thought or a feeling is sent through an invisible energy wave towards that person's energy field and it starts to hook in or tap in to their field and affect them. And that means that they can- whether they're aware of it or not, they can feel or sense that something is invading or disrupting their energy field. It can be a very conscious feeling  or unconscious. You would know if someone's psychically projecting at you if you suddenly felt out of sorts or you felt some sort of drain on your energy or suddenly get super tired. Or maybe feeling an emotion or a feeling that you wouldn't normally think. That's someone else's energy sitting in yours.

Can a psychic read your mind?

No. Psychic people don't read your mind. They read the energy field around you. You are always talking to the energy field through your mind or through your physical body or through lots of different visible and invisible signs and signals. So when someone is reading your energy, they're reading your reflections. Like light touching water. They're reading what's already in your field that is created from your mind or your body, but they're reading the field, not actually your mind. So, no one can actually mind-read you. All they can do is read the energy that you're projecting around you from your physical body or mind or feelings or thoughts. The more intense it is, the easier it is to read. So, they can certainly read the energy around you. They can also connect in and tune into what path you might be thinking of taking, not because they're reading your mind, but they're reading the energy that your mind is reflecting. So psychic readings are a very reflective type of energy.

How does a psychic reading work?

When someone reads your field or your energy or your spirit, they're reading the reflections and the energy that you are outputting. So, whatever you're thinking, feeling, or whatever is in your energy field around thoughts, feelings, emotions, past, present or even intentions for the future, it's like a psychic person is reading the reflection of you into the field around you. Think of the field like a bunch of mirrors or mirror balls and everything is being refracted and reflected and all the psychic is doing is reading that reflection and showing you what is already within you on some level, whether that's a future intention or a future path or whether that's the current path.

Is it unsafe to use psychic abilities?

It depends on how they're used. There are definitely ways that it is unsafe to use your psychic abilities, such as channelling from an unknown energy or entity where you could hook in unknowingly to something a bit sinister or negative. It is also unsafe to use psychic abilities when you're trying to read or find out information about someone else without their permission. That can also mean that you leave yourself wide open to universal law and karma. It's also unsafe to use them when you're around negative energy or places where people are doing drugs or alcohol or other types of activities where the energy fields are a bit thwarted or disrupted by some sort of external chemical or thing whereby reading the field might leave you open to picking up negative energy. But generally, in day-to-day life when you're using your intuition or your psychic abilities to work out your own path to tune into what's important to you, to help friends out if they ask, and they must give permission, it is safe. Or to generally check in what is in the field around you by using your extraordinary senses to see what you can pick up and feel in nature; that is also great.

What are the do's and don'ts of the psychic world?

There's lots of different ways to look at this. But at the end of the day, there's a couple of rules around being psychic in the psychic world. And here's a couple of them that are really important. Number one. Always ask permission if you're going to psychically tune into someone else. You are not allowed to just randomly read the fields or energies of other people unless they give you permission. The only case in acceptance is if it's your pet or animal or your child under 14 years of age where you are the guardian and therefore have the right to assist with that. Number two is we recommend not to channel any other energies or entities or connect to other spirit realms or the realm of the crossed-over domain or the spirit realm where you don't really know what you're talking to or dealing with. It can also open you up to all kinds of other energetic attachments that may not be healthy for you. Number three. We suggest that you clean your energy after using psychic energies or psychic gifts, or skills. So, if you are doing a lot of healing work or energetic work or psychic work, we think that it's a good idea after you finish working with someone to give your energy a bit of a cleanse. A little bit of spiritual hygiene where you detach and disconnect from the energy that you tuned into and that you make sure that you haven't got any stagnant remains of anyone else's energetic crap. So, keeping yourself nice and clean and clear with white sage or a visualisation is great. There are a lot more that you could think about, but they're the main ones that we would start with.

How can I switch on my psychic abilities?

There's a lot of things you can do to switch on your psychic abilities. The first one is knowing which ones you have, which of the psychic abilities are available to you and which ones are your strongest ones. So, for example, if you're very visual, it might be that you're very clairvoyant (sensing with the 3rd eye). And knowing that and understanding that and how to use it would help you to switch on your psychic abilities. The other things that you could think about are to start practicing your day-to-day meditative practices, which actually help you get into more of an alpha state, which is a brainwave state that is conducive to using your psychic abilities and intuitive gifts. The other option you could try is to start tuning in each day using a different sense and just starting to practice using different abilities. And then even though at first you may feel like they don't come to you, over time you'll develop a strong muscle, especially when you start to give yourself little tests. Such tests would be starting to work out what your body response is to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and then when you go to select a book, for example, you might (in a bookstore) say, "Should I read this?" And then giving yourself the option of listening to your body say yes or no. My yes is a strong forward head nod and my no is a pulling back of my body.

Are some people born with strong psychic abilities?

I do believe that some people naturally can tap into psychic abilities more strongly than others. I think some people have a natural aptitude for connecting with intuition, with clairsentience, with feeling things more deeply. That's usually people that are more creative or more empathetic. However, we all have psychic abilities and we're all born with them and it's just a matter of switching them on and working with them. And some people are literally more drawn to doing that and are more excited to do that and other people aren't as motivated or they're a little bit scared of them. So, we're all born with them, but some people naturally have a tendency to utilise them more or they are more interested and excited to utilise them.

How do I know if my child is empathic or psychic?

Well, you'll know if your child is empathic if they have strong emotional reactions to other people and things. It might be hearing stories or bad news or hearing a negative event. They might react more strongly or they might withdraw or be more emotionally rattled or upset. You'll know if your child's empathic when, if you're in a bad mood as a parent or if you're not having a good time of it, they mimic your behaviour or react very strongly to your senses and feelings, which tends to mean that they're more empathic (picking up energy). That doesn't necessarily mean they're psychic. Although I would say that empaths have a strong psychic gift of clairsentience, which is a kinaesthetic strong feeling. Therefore, I think it goes together that empathic children are generally more psychic because they are employing their strong psychic sense of clairsentience. If you do have a child that is strongly empathic or clairsentient, it's really good to teach your child skills around not taking on other people's energies or moods or being able to self-regulate when they hear negative news or emotional news. That will set them up to be strong children and they can use their empathic gifts for a more humanitarian nature and not to be so rattled by life.

Can you develop psychic abilities? 

The absolute answer is yes, you were born with them. They are your birthright. You have always had these intuitive or psychic senses. You just probably haven't been shown how to switch them on, develop them, hone them and get them to where you want them to be. If you think about all of our senses: sight, hearing, sound, touch and taste, all of our senses that are in the physical plane have a corresponding metaphysical plane of senses or a psychic sense. I can see with my eyes and I can also see with my invisible eye, or my third eye, my clairvoyance. I can feel things physically and tangibly but I can also sense them physically and tangibly  like clairsentience or being very kinesthetic, very touchy feely. 

Can you develop them(psychic abilities)? 

  Absolutely you can, you are just not taught this at school. You are taught to Google things and use technology to find answers, not your own honed intuition or psychic self. Your parents probably didn't teach that to you growing up, but you absolutely can develop them. The way that you do that is that they're already within you. So it's about pulling them out and allowing them to come forth. 

There is a couple of key ways that you can do that, although you're probably doing it a little bit by accident. A lot of people naturally have certain clairvoyant or clairsentience or clairaudience, (which is seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing) without even knowing that they've got those senses. The idea is that you might want to choose one that is most dominant in your life, such as maybe you get a gut feel for things a lot of the time and you're ignoring it or, if you're going to develop your psychic senses, you might actually start with that one first because it's already naturally happening in your life.

How do I know if I have psychic abilities?

Well, I'm Debbie and I’ve spent years honing psychic abilities and teaching other people how to hone their intuitive senses/original senses/ psychic senses) How do you know if you have them? Well, we all have them! I've covered that off in a previous video, we all have them. It's just how far reaching they go or whether you've actually allowed them to come out to use in your everyday life. Some of the things that people say or sense, and they don't even know that they're doing this, is that they see shadows out of a corner of their eyes, or they'll see things flicker  on the very periphery of their eyesight. That's often a psychic sense switching on.  You're seeing something that is in the invisible plane, but you're seeing it metaphysically. That's how you might know if you're already switching them on. You already have them, its just how well switched on they are. The other thing that you might do is you might get a gut feeling or a sense of something. You just kind of get this gut instinct that you've been followed, a gut instinct that someone's not telling you the truth or a gut instinct that something ominous is happening.  I'll never forget once when I was swimming in the ocean with my husband. He's very clairsentient, he feels things a lot longer or a lot more quickly before they happen. All of a sudden, he said, I think there's a shark in the water, I can feel it and we ran out of the water. About 30 seconds later, the shark alarm went off on the beach. So you know, it's about this gut feeling and if you're getting gut feelings about things, you need to start to pay more and more attention and to hone that. The other thing that might happen to you with your psychic senses that you don't even know that you're doing is you might really get a sense of people draining your energy. So it's almost like you're hanging out with people and you're empathing and feeling what they're thinking and feeling. So all of a sudden, you've been in a good mood,  and then boom, you kind of go into a drain state or not a great mode. That usually is the gift of being kinesthetic or clairsentient. I can feel things, also called empathic if it starts to affect your energy. If you're suddenly feeling out of whack for no good reason, that's probably that you're using your clairsentience, accidentally without you even knowing it. That's some of the ways that you can sort of know if you've got those psychic abilities started and there's lots of other ways to which we'll go through. Stay tuned for more videos.

How to tap into your psychic abilities

A lot of people ask me, how can you tap more into your psychic abilities? How do we get tapped into psychic abilities, original sensors and intuitive senses?  There’s a few key things here, there's a multitude of things. I'll cover about three or four key ones. The first one is that you have to have the abilities. So number one, you have to have the ability to get into alpha state. We operate at beta brainwave state most of the time. This is logical strategy, day to day rational thinking that's not conducive to intuition. Intuition needs an alpha, a slow brain state where you drop from beta into alpha. When you slow down, there's more pauses, you notice things more around you, everything goes slower. It's almost like with that slowness, you can catch those intuitive or psychic abilities from that slowness. So meditation often goes with the Alpha brainwave states. Meditative practices in slowing your brain down.  The second one is being more creative. The more that you're creative and exercising what I call your right brain, your spirit brain, your intuitive brain versus your left brain which is your logic, the more creative you are and the more you're exercising your creative powers. I believe that you get downloads, information and great business ideas are created. Its almost as if you are downloading ideas.  The third thing is you need to know what's available to you. If you're going to develop your psychic abilities, you need to know what they are. Like what I was saying in a previous video, whether it's clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clear cognizance, there are all different psychic abilities that you have innately in you, it's just whether they're practised or not. The third thing is, you really need to know what they are. It's a little bit like saying I want to go on a run through a national park, but I'm not going to get the map out and look at what path to take a look. You have to know where you're going with it and start to head in that direction. Knowing what they are is really powerful. The more you know, the more they switch on. It's almost like they go together. Number four is practice and exercises. If you wanted to go build up your muscles in a gym, you don't just start at the heaviest weight, you have to build up. So practices, exercises, doing more of the development of your abilities will really really help you tap into them and help you use them every day. Then the more you practice, and the more you focus with that, the better. Lastly, I would say it really is about you being a little bit of a spiritual journey. These aren't professional logical skills, they're intuitive and left field skills. You have to be on that spiritual journey of awakening, opening and thinking about all things spirit.  Everything is alive, Everything has energy. So the more that you're thinking, and exploring this world of the invisible, the metaphysical, the soulful world, the spirit world, the more you're going to grow your psychic abilities. So that's just a good starting place and I've got more videos on how you can do that.

The Reasons to develop your psychic powers

  • It's about how do you explore them? 
  • How do you practice them? 
  • How do you bring them out? 
  • And why would you want to do that?

Obvious and easy to answer reason, is because life flows better when they're switched on. You make better decisions, you cause correct your life, you meet better people andyou know who are the wrong people in your life. Things become so much more fluid and instinctual. You haven't got to try so hard. There's not as many mistakes and are made in life. Not that mistakes are wrong, but it's like why do you want to waste time and be with the wrong person for a period of time? Why do you want to experience hardship? And if you do want to experience hardship, that's sociopathic, that's not normal behaviour. I'd encourage you to listen to and glean whatever you can around how to switch on these abilities. It's not something that you need to be a clairvoyant tarot reader, someone with a crystal ball or a guru sitting in an ashram in India to do. It's a very accessible, modern, everyday skill. Provided, one thing that you do, that is that you practice, you're interested, you read up about them,  and you hone them. A little bit like any creative hobby, if you don't put the time and energy into it, it doesn't actually grow and strengthen. It really is about you deciding this is what you want to do and really going for it. I hope you enjoy learning all about what's available to you and how it can help your life every day. As I said, it's a beautiful, elegant process to be able to tune into the deepest sense of self, what your body's telling you, what your mind is telling you and what your spirits telling you on a day to day basis.

How would you use your psychic abilities in everyday life?

There are few ways to do this. I use psychic abilities and my intuitive abilities when I'm making big life transitions or decisions. So if something's really important and I'm at a bit of a crossroads, I really take the time to sit down and tune in. 

I use it for day to day transactional things of just: Yes or No? Right or Wrong? Should I read that book or should I not? Should I go to that event or should I not?

I utilise psychic abilities or intuitive abilities for creative ideas or inspiration. So when I really want to deepen my creativity or effectiveness, whether it be a business, a creative project or a personal. I really start to utilise that deep intuitive sort of psychic ability that I have within me to enhance whatever project I'm working on. So that's how you would use your psychic abilities. In terms of being able to get really good at them and to grow them to be better and better. I've talked a little bit about that in past videos, but the thing that I would say is think of it as one big feedback loop. So every time you practice an ability or an intuitive sense, wait for the information to feedback, whether that was accurate or not. Like if you get a good vibe about someone and you decide to start a relationship with someone,  see how it washes up. Was it a good relationship or wasn't it? If you get a really great vibe about them, but it has impacted you negatively, then there's clearly a gap between your intuition and psychic abilities around that person. 

In fact meeting people, whether they be friends, business partners or lovers alike, it's so vital that you have your psychic abilities switched on or your intuitive senses so that you make good decisions with people and that you're attracting the right kind of tribe to you. 

When you're attracting the wrong people to you, it's often because you just switched off with your ability to be intuitive or to be psychic with what's right for you. The idea is that it's a feedback loop. Try something, see what happens! Did this work? Was I on the right track? It's practice. It’s exercises. It's a feedback loop. It's monitoring how you're going with your psychic senses. 

These are innate birthright gifts. You don't have to buy them or get them installed. You don’t have a guru that plants them in you, you don't have to retrieve them from an external source. They are within you. It's a process of going within and digging out and then bringing them out. The idea is that you start with your strongest ones. For some people its more visual, for some people its more of a feeling. They get feelings and vibes in the bowl a key truth or lies or they hear stuff that like sounds right or not right to them. So start to really kind of hone in on what yours are. I mean, I've even had people talk about the taste ones, you know, the intuitive and psychic abilities around taste? They can taste food made with love. If you really start eating your food and think about it, you can taste food that's maybe love versus just commercially bought food. Absolutely, you can taste it. It's a psychic sense, not just a taste in terms of a physical taste. Start playing around with that feedback loop. Start making decisions. See where it takes you. The more that you go inwards and switch these on, the more that you practice and hone in on them, the stronger they grow. It's like they're begging to come out and begging to be worked with it's just you've got to allow it to happen. Hope that helps.

What types of psychic abilities exist out there?

These are also called intuitive senses or original senses. There's several. I want you to think about the way that they match your physical senses. So let's start with eyesight. You have eyesight and you also have clairvoyance, which is the ability to see without seeing, if that makes sense. It might be visions and flashes that come up in your eyes or it could just be dreams, lucid dreams, or you get flashes when you touch someone. I'll never forget once when I was working with a client. I remember touching him and getting a flash of a young child or a daughter that he'd left behind. He had fessed up to me that he'd been overseas, started a relationship, come back to this country and he'd had to leave his daughter behind. It's really interesting what you can do when you get those flashes. 

There's also clairsentience. We have feeling right?  We can feel and touch things, and we tangibly touch things. So Clairsentience is when you can feel things about them being physical:

  • I feel there's something going on in his energy of this house, or
  • I feel there's a spirit here or 
  • I feel that my friend is not being honest with me or 
  • I feel the tension in the room when I go to my friend's house that have just been married or something like that. 

It's a sense of a feeling, that you feel it even though you can't physically touch it. Then there's clairaudience which is hearing. So you can hear for real, like I hear voices or words. Sometimes I can hear what is not said or, or isn't true. I can hear lies or I can hear oh, that sounds true to me or that feels right or sounds right to me. So clairaudience is much more about being honed into your hearing and your ability to hear and feel what is true or not based on the hearing or the audio. You can also use clairaudience when you're trying to understand someone's personality.  You can hear their voice and then it's all of a sudden you can feel and read into them more than you would just by hearing their voice. So I've talked about the three top ones but there's several more. There's this like 10 or more psychic centres or psychic abilities that you can access. I've got a video that goes through all of them and what they do which I'm highly recommend you watch. The more you know about them, the easier they are to switch on. So what types exist? Everything that relates to your physical senses, but in the metaphysical plus a whole lot more. One of my favourites is claircognisance, which is the ability just to know something without knowing it. You kind of just know what's true without even having any rational justification. So that's a great journey to get on, to start to explore your psychic abilities.