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Energy Medicine, Conversational Therapy, Spiritual Counselling and Coaching
'Master Your Headspace and Find your Sense of Belonging in the Tribe'

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Peta helps you embrace your true self by understanding your internal systems, breaking free from harmful mental patterns, and tapping into your inner wisdom. With a diverse background in metaphysical and clinical practices, she guides you to integrate wisdom into everyday life, empowering you to feel confident and at peace

Peta can help you with:

- Healing from depression and anxiety

- Healing from trauma, stress and feelings of overwhelm

- Freeing yourself from self-criticism and developing genuine self-love, confidence and empowerment

- Transforming feelings of alienation, not belonging, or being 'different' into a deep sense of belonging, knowing and purpose

- Managing significant life transitions to find direction and purpose

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SESSION - 75 MinuteS 

AUD $260


spiritual COACHING

SESSION - 60 minutes

AUD $210


  • Rezinate

    Peta was an excellent communicator and terrific guide through the process of discovering more about myself. Not only did my discussions with Peta provide me with an array of tools, it instigated a path of self-discovery that I have found quite wonderous. It taught me how limited my self-awareness was and opened up pathways that have helped me develop a greater interest in this area. I feel thankful to have connected with Peta.

    MH ,

  • Rezinate

    My Energy Medicine session with Peta was so life changing. I have struggled with oversensitive hearing for many years, Since my session with Peta I have no longer feeling overwhelmed by noise. I now feel such a deep calmness day to day. Peta really showed an interest in understanding my situation and was so kind, thoughtful and empathetic.

    CL ,

  • Rezinate

    The one thing that really stood out for me was how safe I felt in Peta’s presence. Peta’s capacity to hold such a clear and welcoming space enabled me to truly open up and be genuinely honest with myself, even seeing things about myself that I did not previously want to acknowledge. The results I have gained through my Energy Medicine session are substantial and I now feel calm, clear and more present. I am now able to focus and move forward in my creative processes. Thank you, Peta for your empathy, compassion and wisdom, I am a better man as a result.

    GK ,

  • Rezinate

    Peta was amazing. She helped me at a very challenging time in my life. Her sense of calm, wisdom, resources and follow up was amazing. Peta has provided a different perspective and approach in helping navigate an uncertain time.

    CP ,

  • Rezinate

    Incredibly kind and empathic. Brilliant communicator, resourceful and knowledgeable. Thank you, Peta, for being non-judgmental and understanding of my immediate needs.

    MF ,

  • Rezinate

    Peta is the best mental health worker I have encountered. She has a great understanding in her field & provided much needed advice & support in helping me though a particularly difficult time. She is genuine & caring. I would recommend her style be adopted by, not only more counsellors, but psychologists & psychiatrists alike. As I have found this field to be generally full of charlatans / businesses, interested only in taking advantage of someone's situation, working short time frames & maximising profits. Peta is the exact opposite & takes the time to listen, offers practical advice & useful links

    BC ,

Q & A with Peta

Learn more about Rezinate's Healing Practitioner Peta and what she is all about


What is your favourite quote?

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens - Carl Jung

What drives you?

As humans, we're powerful creators. I love bearing witness to the transformation that occurs when people find their way home to the true essence of who and what they are. 

Guiding others to rediscover their eternal creativity and inner freedom, nurturing self-love, and empowering mastery over their realities brings me joy

What animal most represents you?

Dragonfly - a creature that can move between worlds, between land, air and water, that can change direction mid-flight, and teaches us to connect to the magic and mystery that is woven through our everyday experiences.

What is your element?

Water, a potent force, guides us to flow with life's currents. Its adaptability mirrors our own, reminding us of our essence's resilience. As a memory keeper and healer, water nourishes, cleanses, and empowers change. With our bodies composed mostly of water, we're forever intertwined with its profound influence.

Tools and Processes Peta Employs


Spiritual Coaching

These sessions encompass a wide range of clinical, wholistic and evidence-based therapeutic approaches, tailored to suit your personal needs and energy signature. Whatever we bring awareness to changes, and through conversational therapy we can work together to make sense of the patterns, programs, and limitations that are holding you back from the greatest expression of your true self.

Energy Medicine

A healing modality drawing on quantum and shamanic healing roots and combining multiple techniques. We work with all aspects of your multi-dimensional being in the quantum field to create  transformation that is gentle yet profound, and immensely powerful.

Closure process and facilitation

This process is a deep journey into your sovereign self, allowing you to bring to a respectful close any soul agreements you have made that are no longer serving your evolutionary path.
Through this process you are guided to step into true relationship with your infinite and eternal self, gleaning all of the wisdom that has been gained from your challenges and letting go of any attachments to this agreement on all levels and dimensions of your being.

The Power of Attention and Intention

This is the power of our conscious awareness. Energy goes where attention flows. Intention is the compass which guides our attention. When we harness the ability to mastervthese two states of consciousness we work with the infinite capacity of our quantum creative
potential. When I work with you, I offer my attention, the power of presence and bearing witness to your journey, and I hold the intention of seeing you whole, healed and complete. There is nothing to fix, only greater wisdom to be gained.

Person-centred therapy

This foundational underpinning of my work is that we are all whole and complete beings, sharing the journey of life together. There is no ‘expert’, we are all teachers, we are all students, and there is no one being who is greater or less than another. We all face challenges along our path, and we all have within us the capability to meet these challenges in order to evolve and grow.


(Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

The processes of ACT strengthen your ability to rest in the observing self, allowing you to witness your internal states and make room for discomfort. It guides you to cultivate your ability to engage with the ever present now, dropping the struggle with ‘what is’, freeing up your energy to respond rather than react, and therefore create the change that you seek.

Compassionate Inquiry

Developed by Dr Gabor Mate, this approach helps you to unveil the core stories and beliefs that may be holding you back, and to identify how and when you came to these beliefs. Through the process of familial, societal and cultural programming, so much of what we believe about ourselves and the world was never our story to begin with. Through the process of compassionate inquiry, we can hold these stories up to the light and decide if we wish to continue forward with them, or gently let them go.

Somatic Experiencing/Nervous System Regulation

Based on the work of Dr Peter Levine, a pioneer in the understanding of trauma, somatic experiencing rewires your system to create a sense of internal safety, providing you with the ability to navigate the everyday ups and downs of life with more ease and flow.

Mindfulness techniques

Mindfulness is a sense of meta-awareness, the aspect of self that is aware that it is aware. Cultivating the ability to rest in this aspect of yourself gives you the ability to respond to life, rather than play out habitual reactions. When we respond rather than react, we move out of victim consciousness, reclaim our power and step into our creative potential.

Strengths-based approach

Most of us can easily list our perceived faults, flaws and weaknesses, yet how readily can we acknowledge our gifts, talents and capabilities? Working from a strengths-based approach allows you to pay attention to the balance inherent within all things and to shift your focus from what is ‘wrong’ to what is ‘right’ within you.

Qualifications and Experiences

- Bachelor of Counselling - University of the Sunshine Coast QLD.

- Diploma in Counselling Australian Institute for Professional Counselling

- Cert IV in Telephone Counselling

- Energy Medicine Practitioners Training Rezinate James & Debbie Pask

- Advanced Energy Medicine - Rezinate James & Debbie Pask

- Spiritual Coaching - Debbie Pask

- ACT Level 1 - Russ Harris

- Compassionate Enquiry - Dr. Gabor Mate

- Resting Your Nervous System - Matt Licata PhD.

- Trauma Informed Certificate - The Centre For Healing Reality

- Reality Management & Closure Facilitators Training - George Kavassilas

- Transcending The God Matrix - George Kavassilas

- The Munay Ki Rites - Dr. Alberto Villoldo

- Theta Healing- Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, & Intuitive Anatomy

- Reiki Level 1 & 2

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