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Energy Medicine Practitioner and Women's Health and Wellbeing

"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." - Albert Einstein

Nicole Armit Practitioner

Nicole's healing expertise is a transformative force. Specialising in Womb and Fertility healing, she over 20 years in Reproductive Chinese & Natural Medicine clinics, working with indigenous elders in Women's Work, and understands the nuances of this field deeply. She also has extensive experience in toxic relationship recovery, and self love-and adeptly clears dark energies. As a mentor, she guides individuals towards becoming healers themselves. Nicole's compassionate and nurturing approach and powerful techniques are instrumental in bringing profound shifts and renewed wellbeing.

Nicole can help you with:

- Womb & Fertility Healing

- Healing from toxic relationships

- Self love and transitions in life

- Clearing dark energies & repeating patterns,

- Practitioner Mentoring-guiding you to be a healer

Here's a message from Nicole:

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  • Rezinate

    Thanks so much for today Nicole
    It was so lovely meeting you.
    I really feel like a weight
    had lifted off my shoulders
    after today’s session
    and I can’t wait to do it again.

    Jess ,

  • Rezinate

    Thank you, I felt so light.
    I felt the whole day and in a very deep still place, and it was just such a beautiful experience.
    Still today feeling so very light, thank you so much, that was such an incredible gift!

    Rowe ,

  • Rezinate

    Thank you beautiful being - I appreciate all your knowledge and tips which I will incorporate.
    Your amazing craft and your loving energy.
    Thank you for holding me in that sacred space which you did yesterday.

    Angelica ,

  • Rezinate

    Good morning amazing person, you have changed my reality Nic by your beautiful craft and being that you are.
    I can feel an inspired change.
    Brought back to myself - I’ve landed back home and I am so grateful.

    Tanya ,

  • Rezinate

    Oh Nic,
    So grateful for you,
    Today was just what I needed.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    Amanda ,

  • Rezinate

    I felt enlightened when I left you,
    I felt a sense of serene peacefulness and I felt that you provided me with an anchor to guide me with clear direction for the work that I need to do to transition forward.
    You are such a beautiful gift for me Nic - I am so grateful for you.

    Belinda ,

  • Rezinate

    Thank you for a big slice of nourishment, acknowledgement and love on Saturday. It is already speaking it’s wisdom to me and the vision process has begun to bear fruits. I feel inspired and sure about my journey ahead, open to the mystery of my dreaming and the how it’s going to happen.
    I would love another session in 6 weeks just to keep nourishing myself.
    Thank you for all that you do and are, amazing woman ♥️

    Lauren ,

  • Rezinate

    I don't even know where to begin to express what it has stirred in me.
    I will first say thank you… for putting your heart and your passionate expression into this reading.
    It made it even more special for me!
    Your reading evoked very strong emotions with lots of tears as many things resonated very deeply. Thank you!
    I plan to listen again later and do some note-taking

    Adam ,

  • Rezinate

    I have listened to my astrology reading with great care and attention….with an open heart, mind and soul.
    I am going to listen to it again in it’s entirety. This is absolutely wonderful and much more than I ever expected.
    Thank you so much for your wisdom from the elders and your connection to spirit.
    I am honored to receive it.
    Thank you and be well always.
    Infinite blessings.

    Javi, Florida ,

  • Rezinate

    Oh Nic.....
    This was just so incredibly wonderful and fascinating......I'm going to be listening to it several times..
    sooooo much to process and think about .... and...just hearing your beautiful voice made my month. I felt like I was sitting there with you the entire time.
    You're amazing!

    Belle ,

  • Rezinate

    I don't even know where to begin to express what has stirred in me.
    I will first say thank you… for putting your heart and your passionate expression into this reading.
    It made it even more special for me!
    Your reading evoked very strong emotions with lots of tears as many things resonated very deeply. Thank you!
    I plan to listen again later and do some note-taking

    Angie ,

Q & A with Nicole

Learn more about Rezinate's Healing Practitioner Nicole and what she is all about


What is your favourite quote?

"I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you, and I am at that place within me, we shall be One." Chief Crazy Horse.

What drives you?

Living my life purposefully, creatively, as well as my depth of connection to the natural and animal world as well as being a kind human, mother, auntie, sister, daughter, friend, partner, practitioner. I have always been fascinated by the world of spirit, psychology, astrology, natural healing, the esoteric, shamanistic and elemental realms since I was a teenager.

What animal most represents you?

My animal totems are the White Tiger (Personal truth & power of conviction, shadow & light, uniqueness, sensuality, courage, vision, clairvoyance)
Native Bee (Community, creativity, rejuvenation, divinity, and the mysteries of the natural world as messengers between the physical and spiritual realms)

What is your element?


Tools and Processes Nicole Employs


Spiritual Alchemy

A powerful deep dive into setting your CREATIVE DREAMING and unlocking all of the blocks in the way so you can thrive. This advanced timeline regression is a multi-dimensional journey into the heart of what is showing up in your life today. 

Mindfulness Techniques

Building awareness and alpha flow in everyday life to think, decide and act with more presence and power. Guiding women to nourish and accept their inner power and translating that into everyday confidence.


Training the mind to go deep into the subconscious realm and find answers that the rational mind cannot. 


Establishing clear anchors and techniques to re-train the mind out of old limiting patterns and and establishing new neural paths to a happier life. 

Energy Medicine

Shamanic journeying into a deep quantum healing container to look at what energy repair is needed and to return the whole system (mind body and spirit) back to a harmonic frequency and operation. 

Holographic Kinetics

A deep dive into energetic interference and dark forces that overtake the system and using processes to change the past, present and future to break free from old patterns, invading forces and physical issues. 

Evolutionary Astrology

Finding the path forward to your highest purpose and helping to understand your human path here. Astrology is a great blueprint for giving you the clues you need to break old patterns and heal old wounds to a brighter future. 


Deep inner journeys delivered with divine nourishment so that you can learn to navigate mind, body and spirit through deeply switching into am internal state where you can create changes in the field.   

Energy Meridian Work

Helping to realign and repurpose blocked  pathways into flowing open energy centers so that you an access all of the body's intelligence and wisdom for healing.

Womb Healing

Providing deep nourishment to women's reproductive organs for a healthy operating system free from toxic connections and also to instigate fertility and conception for women struggling to fall pregnant.  

Indigenous Grandmother Wisdom for Women

Bringing through traditional indigenous wisdom into the modern day world - told through the eyes of elders - designed to help with women's life transitions.  

Qualifications and Experiences

- Certificate in Spiritual Alchemy with Rezinate - James Pask
- Energy Medicine Practitioner Training - Level 1 and Level 2 Advanced with Rezinate - James and Debbie Pask
- Medicine Wheel Facilitation with Rezinate - Debbie Pask.
- Holographic Kinetics-Dreamtime Healing.
- Diplomas in Hypnotherapy & NLP
- Certificates in Anger Management, and Grief Processes.
- Diploma of Massage, Setai.
- Wannai Aboriginal Women's healing 9 month Training/Initiation
- Various Astrology trainings, certificates, workshops - 20 years.
- Reiki healing - Level 1
- Trauma Informed Certificate

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