Increase Your Intuition In 5 Easy Steps

In our western culture, we all accept and understand that we have physical senses – smell, taste, touch, sight, and feeling. These are tangible and physical. Yet, we know these aren’t our only senses. We are energetic beings also with a unique vibration and non-physical senses. 

This invisible and non-physical world energy (intelligent field) has its own set of senses (original senses) that include the following:

  • vibrational sensing

  • visual mindS-eye flashes 

  • heart knowing

  • body sensing

  • gut instincts

  • vibrational hearing

 These senses kept our ancestors alive and safe, finding food and making strong intuitive and intelligent decisions that were life-saving. 

We have relied on these original senses less and less over time as our world transitioned into the industrial revolution and the age of IT.

However, the art of intuitive mastery (tapping into your original senses) is a game changer – for both yourself and any life goals you set. So it's an incredibly useful skill to learn and tap into on a daily basis.



After 40 years of studying the world of energy, meditation and intuitive mastery, we have selected 5 key lessons you can learn to get you on the road to intuitive mastery and embedded them in our ebook:

5 Steps To Increasing Your Intuition

“James and Debbie are extraordinary healers. Healing happens fast when you work with their meta-physical skills.”



James and Debbie Pask have over 40 years of spiritual training and over 20 combined healing and coaching modalities. James is a renowned Metaphysical Teacher & Holographic Kinetics Practitioner. Debbie is a transformation coach, trainer and deep energy healer.

They are both highly skilled in working with facilitating great transformation in individuals and groups, and have pooled their collective wisdom into this ebook to help you tap into your own inner wisdom to transform your life!


Do you want to...

Re-focus and reconnect to your original senses?

Have a stronger connection with your heart and your instincts?

Make decisions with confidence and feel in flow all of the time?

Feel more connected and aligned?


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5 Steps To Increasing Your Intuition 

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