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Spiritual Alchemy, Holographic Kinetics and Animal Healing Sessions
'Find Your Powerful Self and Go Confidently Towards your Vision'

Kel Duinker-Practitioner

Kel compassionately guides individuals through healing journeys, specialising in releasing trauma and unraveling old patterns for personal growth. With intuitive wisdom and metaphysical expertise, Kel empowers others to overcome obstacles and manifest desired lives. Through empathy and spiritual insight, Kel fosters profound healing and positive change, navigating relationship challenges and addressing deep-seated wounds.

Kel can help you with:

- Healing your belief in self

- Reigniting your confidence, strengths and passions

- Healing from toxic relationships 

- Removing dark energies that are interfering in your life

- Animal healing - clearing an animals energy field

- Ancestral and past life trauma healing

Here's a message from Kel: 

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Please note that all prices are in AUD $

holographic kinetics

session- 75 minutes

AUD $240



HEALING SESSION - 90 minutes

From AUD $ 295



SESSION - 60 minutes

AUD $ 240


  • Rezinate

    I had most insightful and most interesting yet wonderful session with Kel, the day after I felt
    like I'd been hit by a truck, literally lol then the second day I was up at 5am feeling so
    empowered and happy within my spirit and being in my own skin. I'm looking forward to
    more clarity as my spirit changes my universe for me. I highly recommend Kel she's the most
    loving and kind-hearted healer and I'm so very blessed to have been lead to her.

    Nola Devene ,

  • Rezinate

    I am not religious or spiritual and actually wanted to cancel the session I had booked with
    Kel as I was unsure if it was for me.
    I had previously seen a psychologist several times about my issues and while it was a relief
    to talk to someone it did not resolve things. I knew what I wanted to change and in one
    session with Kel I was able to achieve it.
    Kel is highly attentive and articulate and I was amazed at how supported and understood I
    felt. She has a gift and I will always be grateful to her.

    Deb Trescott ,

  • Rezinate

    Went in with so many issues weighing me down, came out feeling amazing.

    Highly recommend!

    Fiz Zye ,

  • Rezinate

    Very quick results noticeable by others. I noticed a difference straight away asked others the
    next few days they could see I was different as well.
    Meditations became deeper Kelly is excellent to deal with.
    I knew what i wanted to change but did not comprehend where the original cause came
    from and don't think I would be able to.

    Paul Elliman ,

  • Rezinate

    It was an amazing experience.
    I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and such peace in my heart.
    I highly recommend booking a session today.

    Samantha Hall ,

  • Rezinate

    Kelly’s intuitive nature, combined with a practical common-sense approach, helps you feel
    comfortable, safe and understood. She led me on an inner journey that brought some
    significant personal blocks into my awareness, resulting in some profound shifts in my
    physical and emotional bodies. I thoroughly recommend her services”

    Karen Taylor ,

  • Rezinate

    I have recently had a Spiritual alchemy session with Kel. I was blown away with what was
    unpacked in our session. Kel is a highly skilled Spiritual Alchemy practitioner, she is very
    knowledgeable, compassionate and easy to work with. Kel unpacked so much in the one
    session, it would have taken many sessions in a traditional therapy setting. I would highly
    recommend a session or 3 with Kel if you are looking to move towards a goal/dream. This
    modality and Kel will definitely help clear any blocks getting in your way

    Susan Lister ,

  • Rezinate

    I had an amazing session a couple of months ago and since then my life has changed sooo much!! So so Grateful!

    Kylie Ann ,

Q & A with Kel

Learn more about Rezinate's Healing Practitioner Kel and what she is all about


What is your favourite quote?

"The greatest journey we can ever take is the one that leads us back to ourselves."

What drives you?

Kel is fueled by witnessing people embrace their authentic selves, shedding limiting beliefs, and stepping into their purpose. Guiding individuals to release what no longer serves them, Kel finds fulfillment in helping others discover confidence, joy, and direction on their transformative journey.

What animal most represents you?

Cheetah - The fastest land animal on the planet. They trust their gut above all else. They are tenacious and know how to hunt out the right path. They know when to take action and when to sit back and observe.

What is your element?

Water - The ultimate in purification and cleansing. Symbolizes the essence of life, washing away the impurities and allowing for renewal.


Tools and Processes Kel Employs


Spiritual Alchemy

A powerful deep dive into setting your CREATIVE DREAMING and unlocking all of the blocks in the way so you can thrive. This advanced timeline regression is a multi-dimensional journey into the heart of what is showing up in your life today. 

Universal Love

Setting intentions, cultivating empathy, promoting forgiveness, practicing loving-kindness, encouraging service, integrating it into modalities, and modelling compassionate behaviour for profound transformation.

Breath Work 

Building awareness and alpha flow in everyday life to think, decide and act with more presence and power. Guiding women to nourish and accept their inner power and translating that into everyday confidence.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Deep inner journeys delivered with divine nourishment so that you can learn to navigate mind, body and spirit through deeply switching into an internal state where you can create changes in the field.

Holographic Kinetics

A deep dive into energetic interference and dark forces that overtake the system and using processes to change the past, present and future to break free from old patterns, invading forces and physical issues.

Energy medicine

Shamanic journeying into a deep quantum healing container to look at what energy repair is needed and to return the whole system (mind body and spirit) back to a harmonic frequency and operation. 

Mindfulness Techniques

Building awareness and alpha flow in everyday life to think, decide and act with more presence and power. Guiding women to nourish and accept their inner power and translating that into everyday confidence.

Qualifications and Experiences

- Spiritual Alchemy Practitioner Training - with Rezinate
  James Pask
- Energy Medicine Practitioner Training - Level 1 and 
  Level 2 Advanced with Rezinate - Debbie/James Pask

- Holographic Kinetics Practitioner

- Diploma in Counselling 

- Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

- Dreamwork and Interpretation

- Reiki Healing Level 1

- Forensic Healing Practitioner

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