Confidence Development for your Career and Personal Life

Do you want to be confident in your everyday life?

Do you want to feel you can show up as your authentic self and interact with others from a place of power?

Many people lack confidence, or have imposter syndrome, where they worry that others will find out that they aren’t quite as good or knowledgeable as they think.

Fortunately, it’s possible to silence your inner critic and boost your self-confidence through confidence training courses, such as Debbie Pask’s e-learning confidence course.

Who is this confidence course for?

Anyone! Everyone!

  • It doesn't matter if you’re working towards a degree in university.
  • It doesn’t matter what job you have.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re on a sports team.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve enrolled in a VET course.

All that matters is that you want to gain confidence. Learning how to be confident is easy with Debbie’s guidance and her lessons on how to banish negative thoughts and develop a positive mindset.



Foundations E-course

Confidence is an INSIDE JOB. It is how you manage your headspace and how well you know yourself.

After doing thousands of confidence coaching sessions with clients, I have distilled the simple tools, ideas, and inner knowing that you need to feel your most confident self into this 4-part e-Course.

Inside this confidence training course, I give you the key lessons to develop your self-confidence and inner strength so that you can show up in your daily life and feel strong within yourself. You’ll also learn spiritual exercises to feel STRONG AROUND OTHER PEOPLE and not lose your balance.

What’s included in the confidence course's training lessons?

» 3 Confidence Training videos, each with several activities to practice, including mindfulness exercises for mental clarity and metaphysical health.
» Guided meditation audio files to boost your inner-strength, ignite your power and inner-confidence, and clear mental blocks that lead to negative thoughts.

» A series of deep reflective questions designed to make you rediscover your true self without over-thinking and giving in to your inner critic. Instead, your renewed insight into your true nature will generate a positive mindset and banish feelings of insecurity.

» A step-by-step process that not only boosts your self-confidence but also shows you how to make managing energy second nature, so you don’t succumb to the negative thoughts of others. You will feel more confident in yourself, and have faith in your decisions and your actions.


About the Confidence 101 eCourse

Inside Confidence 101:


Teaching you to recognise and understand your triggers, which lead to the development of mental blocks and make you vulnerable to other people's energy. Learn how to adopt an attitude of non-judgement towards yourself and others


Lessons that delve deeper into your triggers, teaching you how to manage them through spiritual training (e.g., metaphysical and mindfulness exercises). The goal is to build your confidence by incorporating spiritual teaching for metaphysical health and holistic well-being.


Practical training exercises to protect and conserve your energy, by allowing other people's feelings, emotions and energy to pass by without absorbing them and suffering spiritual and physical energy exhaustion. These training exercises are a must-have for empaths’ energetic well-being and spiritual health.


How to use what you've learnt to step into the world with more confidence, inside and out.

  • Rezinate

    “Halfway through this course I was so energized I went out and got started on what I’d been stalling for so long to do!”

  • Rezinate

    “Just finished Confidence 101, great loved it especially researching my values. I am watching my monkey mind and how active it is, will continue to bring under control.
    Topic 3 is helping me to realise how I have given my power away and now I have understanding to gather it back. Thanking you”

Through this ecourse you will:

-Learn how to manage your inner critic (that inside voice that says you are not good enough).

-Understand how to back yourself and also realise what people or things in your life are draining your energy and confidence.

-Practice how NOT to take on other people’s energy, thoughts, judgements

Debbie Pask

About Debbie Pask

For almost 20 years, Debbie has been coaching and helping individuals and groups through personal transformation, spiritual training, and navigating critical life changes. In addition to her face-to-face coaching, she also runs online courses.

She specialises in reconnecting to life purpose and growing a stronger sense of self while staying true to authentic power. Her teachings stem from eastern philosophy, indigenous concepts, psychological frameworks, and shamanistic practices. Her approach is based on principles of non-judgement, so you can feel completely free to explore your insecurity triggers and mental blocks on your journey of self-discovery, confidence development, and spiritual health.

Get to know Debbie

There is never a bigger investment that you can make, than in yourself.

It's time to reinstate your inner confidence and let it shine through without fear of judgement

Get instant access to the confidence trainings and meditations that will change your outlook and transform your life on both a spiritual well-being and physical health level.

Kick your career into high gear, step away from over-thinking, and transform your negative mindset into positive thoughts. Make space for mental clarity and renewed energy so you can revel in your newfound self-confidence.


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