Business Clearing Session

with Applied Holographic Kinetics

60-minute Online Zoom Session AUD $340

Spring Clean Your Business to Clear Negative Cycles and Repeating Issues Bound in Negative Energy

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Out with the old, and in with the new. 

A business clearing session rids the business of psychic ‘mold’ throwing out all of the old rubbish that still drains the surrounding energy.

With all the negativity removed, there is ample space for the seeds of your new business to grow and flourish. A business clearing session is a powerful metaphysical cleanse which translates to a physical shift toward the positive.

James Pask is a vastly experienced metaphysical coach and holographic kinetics practitioner. He delivers business clearing sessions for people all over the world and through the use of surrogates. 


How it works: 


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Choose the time and day that suits your time zone and just show up on ZOOM on the day


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a) Discussion of your challenge/vision

b) A powerful healing journey and remedy and repair your issue

c) A full debrief/reading once the healing is done.




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- Energy flowing freely in your business

- Clarity on your next steps 

- Emotionally stable/empowered

- Improved Trust in Self and confidence 

- Mental Peace and Serenity

Your business or enterprise (ABN of entity) has its own metaphysical energy linked to your (the owner) motivation for creation, positive or negative thoughts, and feelings (past and present).

This holds true for sole proprietors and multiple founders – although having the energy of several people twining around the business on a metaphysical level right from the outset can complicate the clearing process.

How the business was established, by whom and under what influence it was built, can impact a business or market’s profit and success. Just like a person, a business, can be stuck energetically, which can create issues that affect the business’ purpose and myriad flow. The conflicting energy may affect success because there simply isn’t enough positive energy to combat all of the negativity that permeates the business.

How do I know that I need a Business Clearing session?

The signs that your business needs a jolly good clearing include:

  • Poor Performance, Sales or Loss of Business.

  • A negative relationship between business partners or with third-parties, which creates a heavy, exhausting atmosphere.

  • Difficult Business Transitions.
  • Repeating negative challenges; such as customer complaints dissatisfied staff.

  • Office disturbances and other negative interferences your business might have.

Having a Business Clearing session is sort of like doing a ‘master psychic spring clean’.

Book your session so you can access James’ skills at flushing out negative relationships and lingering bad energy from anywhere in the world.

Depending on the factors contributing to the negative vibes, you might want to schedule a follow-up session to check in and see if any changes that had to be implemented are having an effect. You may even want to use James as a coach to keep you in line and on track over the course of several months. You can book these sessions weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Master spring cleaning-business clearing


We believe that your business or enterprise has an entity and the best way to communicate with it is through a third-party (a person or nature). That is why we use surrogates during business clearing sessions.

Before your session, you need to write down a list of conflicts or challenges the business is facing and send it to James. Be comprehensive. James will be better able to clear the issues if he knows everything that is going on, even if the matters are quite sensitive, like a particularly negative relationship between co-owners, high staff turnover, or damning reviews on social media


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Co-Founder and Senior Practitioner


James can help you with:

  • Healing Trauma and Dark Energies across Multiple Lifetimes
  • Animal Healing and Interspecies Communication.
  • Space and Business Clearing
  • Metaphysical Mentoring – Discussion on the Quantum Field
  • Practitioner Mentoring – Guiding you to be a Healer

Energy Medicine Healing Sessions $300 USD



“We were three years into taking on a new business and were really struggling. Operating the business out of our home was tough especially as any new business opportunities we seemed to attract were sketchy at best and consistently failed. We were operating week to week with four employees and it was stressful, to say the least. We were willing to try anything and when Debbie suggested James visit we agreed. James cleared our business but also our home. It was an extraordinary experience that profoundly moved us.

The change was instant. It seemed that light and life were abundant in our home and the heavy stress had gone. The next day was Saturday. We rarely get friends spontaneously dropping into our home but that weekend 20 individual people dropped in as they were ‘just driving past’. It was crazy.

Monday the phone began to ring with solid new business opportunities. That was two years ago and we haven’t looked back since. Thank you, James. You saved us!”



“The gift of James Pask and his incredible healing gifts to world really have no words.
As a person he holds power, presence mixed with grace and kindness that would describe him as a divine human.
His ability to hold the frequency of light and tap into exactly what it is you require to transform the resistance and what is limiting & holding you back is amazing.
The generous of his heart comes through the healing vibration and immediately drops you into your heart.
James after our session yesterday I feel clear, fresh, clean with a new level of balance and alignment in my field.
A heartfelt Thankyou & appreciation for you. ”