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Are You Ready to Embody Your Spirit Animal with a Bespoke Drawing Created Just for YOU?

Spirit animals are the original and most powerful form of archetyping as they are a representation of nature – the shamanistic principles that underpin our reality. 

They assist us to awaken qualities within ourselves that will help us flow through life. Forget modern art or profiling apps and tap back into your ORIGINAL wisdom with your own Spirit Animal Drawing. 


How you live and the space in which you live in is an extension of YOU.

Your beliefs, values and philosophies. Brought to life.

Spirit Animal drawings are a great reminder to reach your potential.

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Mick Madden


Spirit Animal Artworks
By Mick Madden

Bring you Spirit Animal totem alive and up-level your space with a unique drawing by artist Michael Madden. Michael will tune into your energy and your Spirit Animal and create a bespoke illustration tuned into your frequency that will connect to the heart of what qualities you embody (or are looking to embody).
Check out the drawing above representing the Wolf and Phoenix (James and Debbie Pask).

Just tell us what your Spirit animal is (we can assist here if you are not sure), what size you want your drawing and book your call in with Michael to start the incredible work of art that will be designed for you embodying your energy and with Michael’s spiritual artistry.

*Expect delivery to you within 4-5 weeks


50 AUD

Your down-payment will enable you to speak personally with Michael Madden to fine-tune what you need and what it means to you. Michael will arrange a call and discuss your requirements including size, number of animals to draw (is it a single animal or two? a family arrangement of Spirit animals?). Then a final quote will be prepared including postage to your destination.

*See the price ranges below for ideas of cost as your $50 is non refundable


What to Expect and How it Works?

Drawing Details and Specifications:

  • Thick art card (options of black or white)
  • 24 carat gold leaf embellishments
  • High Pigment artists pencils and/or inks
  • Other artistic materials as required

Michael’s Process to Create Your Spirit Animal Drawing

  1. Initial Q&A Call – a zoom to meet you and discuss your needs
  2. Skeleton and outline generated (size, orientation, preferences)
  3. Drawing starts – tuning into your frequency and resonance.
  4. Wave frequency collapses into a particle as the drawing is rendered
  5. Your Spirit Animal Drawing is posted out to you.
mick madden process
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Price Range for your Spirit Animal Drawing

The cost of your project will depend on size, Choice of animals and more. Here is a rough pricing guide so you are aware of the costs involved.


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